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“PRECISE� Chloroscope is an ideal appratus for measurement for residual chlorine reading 0.1 0.2 0.5 1.0 1.5 and 2.0 ppm. The New Water Chloroscope is a simple sturdy compact portable and easy to operate Comparator apparatus to estimate the residual chlorine in water.

Directions for use :

  1. The water which is chlorinated and to be tested is to be drawn from a well or to be collected from a tap or a storage tank in the clean glass tumbler or a bucket.

  2. Take out the two test tubes and thoroughly wash them before use with the same water that is collected and is to be tested.

  3. Fill up the left hand side test tube with water & insert it through the top left hand hole.

  4. Fill up the right hand side tube with water and add carefully three to four drops of âہ“Orthotolidine Solutionâە¿½ (Reagent) by means of the dropper. Close the top of the tube with thumb and allow the reagent to mix with the water homogenously by inverting the tubes several times, till a uniform yellow colour is developed. Then insert the tube through the hole on the top right hand side and fix the cap on the top.

Now it is ready for measuring the residual chlorine.

How to measure the Residual Chlorine :

  1. Hold the chloroscope at the level of your eyes with the front side facing you in moderately bright light.

  2. Starting from below with 0.1 reading observes simultaneously at each pair of colours on either side of the marking. Find out the pair in which the colours are distinctly matched. Note the reading between the pair.

  3. This reading gives you the exact amount of residual chlorine in parts per million (PPM).

  4. If no colour develops after the reagent is added and mixed, it means that there is no residual chlorine in the water and it is not safe for drinking.

  5. If the colour developed is lighter than the colour of the colour disc 0.1, then there is only trace of residual chlorine.

  6. If the yellow colour developed in the water is darker in shade than the colour disc of 1.0 it means that the RC is more than 1.0 PPM even though it is safe, the high chlorine contact may irritate the mucoze of mouth and stomach and is not desirable for drinking. It requires dilution with unchlorinated water.

  7. The optimum reading should be 0.2 PPM with a range of 0.1 PPM to 0.5 PPM.

Maintenance :

  1. After every use, throw away the water in the test tubes and thoroughly wash them with clean water and use the brush to clean the inside of the tubes.

  2. Keep the empty test tubes after shaking away the attached drops of water in their places. Fix the cap to prevent collection of dust.

  3. It is essential that Test tubes should be clean and dry so that optical colour colour matching is not interfered.

Note : If the colour developed is darker than the colour of disc up to 2

PPM, that means the chlorine is high and the water should be diluted

before use.

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